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Simple ingredients, perfect taste, healthy sesame and lack of wheat starch. This is our new refreshed Traditional Bread! New face of the King not only refers to its new clothes like packaging but also to new interior. New formula make its taste and consistence hard to beat.

It is perfect for the beginning of the day being the part of perfectly balanced menu that should not only contain fat and protein but also carbohydrates. Its neutrality and universal texture make it perfect for both that like sweet and dry breakfast.

Sesame content in traditional bread gives additional strength. Not only thanks to its taste but also thanks to its healthy benefits. We are aware of the fact that people with celiac disease have problems with nutritious components absorption. It’s caused by the damage in gut membrane due to gluten take. It’s the reason why we diversify bread with sesame seed. For those who don’t know its healthy off attributes, we point the most important:

  • includes vitamin B,
  • lots of minerals e.g.: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and cooper,
  • lots of fitosteroles, that help to reduce cholesterol level, arteriosclerosis diseases and risk of heart attack,
  • contains lots of healthy fat acids (omega-3 and omega-6), that have the positive impact on heart, brain, eyesight or nervous system.

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