If you need a cake for a party, a dessert dor dinner or just a small treat with your coffee, icheck out our ready-made gluten free cakes: chocolate with a hint of orange, coconut or lemon. The aroma of orange zest used in the decoration of our chocolate cake will float around your house as soon as you cut it, making your guests feel the special charm of the moment. The scent of coconut and lemon peel brings to mind summer holidays and sweet moments of leisure. Ready-made gluten free cake can be opened any time you need, just unpack it and enjoy its great taste. Gluten free ready-made cakes are also of great help in case of an unexpected visit of your guests and friends.

For all who love good cakes and like to bake them on their own, we have ready-made mixesi gluten free e.g: chocolate cake, lemon cake, banana cake, puff pastry cake with cream and muffins. Such cake mixes can be used in many different ways - you can bake them both in the cake mould or muffin moulds. You can also use our ready-made gluten free cake mixes to prepare any cake you like, e.g. a birthday cake.You can use them in many different ways, the only limit is your fantasy.

We also bake seasonal, occasional or Valentine's cakes. See our current offer.

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