Best quality

BEZGLUTEN company is a manuacturer of gluten-free food only. That is why our priority is safety.


Our professional team of experts cares for the quality and accurateness of the analysis. The detailed control consists in blocking the raw material at the entrance until the analysis for gluten on the average sample. If our analyzes show that it is gluten-free, only then it can be admitted to the production process. Our measurements coincide with the results of accredited laboratories in accordance with ISO 17025, which ensures high quality tests.


Since2015, we have A level BRC Food food safety certificate. It is a global standard with international recognition certifying a high safety score, and proving the continuous process of improvement and development the company. The certificate also means that we meet, among others, all the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Hygiene Practice.


Only after the BRC Food certification it was possible to obtain IFS Food. Then, we took measures to meet the requirements of this version of the standard. In this way, we have obtained the two highest-ranking systems that guarantee food safety.


In addition to basic safety standards, we also received an extra Gluten Free Module(in 2018). This was possible only after succesfull implementation of all required procedures. This module was created in cooperation with the AOECS association - Association of European Coeliac Societies (ang. Association of European Coeliac Societies). It is a non-profit organization associating 35 societies of people suffering from celiac disease.

Thanks to this cooperation, we can use the crossed grain trademark created by AOECS. It can be used exclusively by the companies that meet special standards for gluten free products. This is another step towards ensuring our consumers complete safety in terms of gluten-free nutrition.

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