We can export our products if needed. All details you can find using the following e-mail address export@bezgluten.com

According to current food standards we try to eliminate palm oil from our products. Some of them already do not include palm oil. All new recipes and prepare without palm oil and existing one are currently being modified. The products are marked with crossed palm.

It depends on the product. Some of our products does not include lactose. These products are marked with crossed out cow.

Sending e-mail: export@bezgluten.com

Gluten free products -for celiac disease, for those who are allergic or less gluten tolerant, supporting the autoimmunological treatment, sensitive intestine syndrome, unknown digestive problems.

Low protein products – for Fenyloketonuria, in case of kidney and liver failure, for pancreas disease and gallbladder disease.

Our production facility is designed for gluten free production. We examine raw materials, follow restrictive product norms and check each final product. We hire only qualified staff. We have our own R&D department. We implemented international standards for food quality and safety: BRC Food v.7 and IFS v.6. We have the licence to use trademark "Crossed out grain" 

Our products do not contain GMO. According to food law if product contains GMO it must be written on packagingLack of such information on packaging proves that product is free of GMO.

Inspissates used in gluten free products (guar gum, hydroksypropylometylocellulose) are used in exchange of gluten. Thanks to them it is possible to produce porous bread, similar to traditional bread, and crispy cakes. Such ingredients being cellulose are good for digestion. Guar gum plant-based raw material and hydroksypropylometylocellulose has cellulose origin.

Gluten free diet reduces celiac disease symptoms but at the same time causing lack of some vitamins and minerals. Macro and micro elements such as: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zink or iron are important for human body, being important for proper acid-alkaline balance neuromuscular excitability. Vitamins are important for metabolism and health. For instance group B vitamins included in enzymes take part in transformation of carbohydrates, amino acids or fat. Such raw materials are used in our products due to their natural roots.  Risk of vitamin or minerals shortage for people ill with celiac is caused not only because some products have less of these ingredients but also due to mucinous membrane damage. Proper diet enable proper body functions. 


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