Low protein egg substitute PKU 200g

Ingredients: corn starch, thickeners: E 464, E 466; dye: carotenes.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
Energy value in 100 g of product: 1544 kJ/ 364 kcal

Fat: 0,6 g

of which saturates: 0,2 g 

Carbohydrate: 88 g

of which sugars: 0,7 g

Fibre: 1,7 g

Protein: 0,3 g

Salt: 0,425 g


Net weight: 200 g

Expiry date: 8 months

 Storage: cool and dry

Mix 2 teaspoonfuls /10 g/ of the substitute with 40 ml of water and beat until stiff. This is an amount corresponding to one egg. Then bake with fat a little longer than traditional scrambled eggs. This product can also be used as an egg substitute in making cookies and other dishes. When added to bread in small amounts, it improves the quality of the bread dough.

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