Film shows, parties, meetings with friends - there are many occasions to serve various kinds of snacks.There is a great demand for their gluten-free version, which is why our offer includes some of them. First of all, we offer popular and loved chips,which were brought to our country from the United States and became so popular. To satisfy such a great demad for those snacks, we offer various delicious flavors of them:

  • salted
  • paprika
  • bacon
  • green onions
  • cream and herbs

We are sure that everyone can find their favorite version. What is more, salted, paprika and cream and herbs are also intendedfor people on low-protein PKU diet . Another great snack are gluten free nachos, which are an indispensable ingredient of Mexican cuisine. They are made of corn and are usually served with a variety of dips: salsa, garlic sauce, sour cream sauce or guacamole. Their gluten free version includes two delicious flavors: barbecue, cheese. Once you try them, you will not be able to resist them, we promise. We also offer gluten free breadsticks, which are so popular among kids. We are happy to offer you a gluten-free version of this common snack. Crispy, llightly salted, a perfect snack to enjoy for all those who love crunchy food. We hope that with our healthy and, above all, gluten free snacks your movie evenings and meetings with friends will be even more tasty and pleasant.

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