The unique aroma of many dishes often depends on the proper use of spices. It is the skillful seasoning of your favorite meals that determines the clarity and intensity of their taste. However, they should be added with caution. Many spices available in grocery stores, unfortunately, often get contaminated with gluten in the production process. That is why, to meet the needs of our clients,the offer of BEZGLUTEN includes gluten free items, completely safe for celiacs.

Granulated garlic or black pepper belong to the basic and most popular spices that enhance the taste of dinners. Aromatic oregano gluten free will go well with tomato sauces, salads, as well as pork and goulash. Whereas gluten free sweet paprika is perfect for roast meats, meat salads, poultry dishes or fried fish. Another perfect solution for celiacs are ready-made gluten free herb mixes, like for example vegetable seasoning or grill mix. If you want to prepare roasted potatoes or homemade fries, you'd better use a safe and properly composed supplement, i.e. gluten free potato seasoning.

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