Flour is a product present in the cabinet of almost every cook, used to prepare numerous excuisite dises and cakes. You can not do without flour if you want to make dumplings, potato dumplings, noodles, pancakes or pies. People intolerant to gluten may also include these dishes in their menu, as long as they usegluten free flour e.g. oat, maize, millet, buckwheat or rice flour. You can also use tese types of flour to bake your own gluten-free bread or cookies. This will help you avoid monotony while on gluten free diet, and also the ailments people suffer from after ingesting gluten.

gluten free concentrartes

Gluten free concentrates are also very useful. Using them, you can make tasty and sweet gluten free pastries easily and quickly, with no risk of a slack-baked cake.  This is possible thanks to, among others.: gluten free mixes cakes with chocolateas well as banana and lemon flavored. With our diversified product base, even the most demanding gourmands will be satisfied. Apart from shortbread cakes, our offer also includes mixes to prepare gluten free muffins or scalded dough, perfect for eclairs, cream puffs or puff pastry cake with cream. Besides, many of these types of products are now prepared according to a new improved recipe and are free from thickeners, eggs, milk and soy.

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