Sweets and cookies

Everyone deserves a bit of sweet! In our store there are plenty of sweet products, because our range of confectionery products is very wide and includes:

  • Gluten free cookies: sandwich biscuits and tea biscuits, chocolate cookies, coconut cookies with chocolate chips, raspberry choco, wafers with filling – there is something nice for everyone. You can also use our cookies as a base to prepare your favorite cakes or desserts.
  • Gluten free sponge cupcakes:chocolate and apricot – wrapped with handy package, perfect to take to school, work or on a trip.
  • Fudges – milk and chocolate flavored.
  • Buns and croissants – handy option for lunch.
  • Wafer cones

And many more, like: meringues, puff pastry straws, corn sticks with fillings and more. Our gluten free sweets and low-protein sweets are available in a sugar-free version, which makes them perfect for little gourmands. Very popular low-protein cookies are available in several versions: sandwich biscuits with coconut filling, mixed dessert biscuits, butter cookies and cinnamon cookies, honey cookies, tea biscuits and wafers. They will spice up your PKU diet and provide you with energy. For those who avoid sugar, we have delicious biscuits coated with Belgian chocolate that literally melt in your mouth. Our offer of low-protein sweets is so wide, because we know that every gourmand has their favorite sweets. We adapt to do your needs and do our best to meet all your expectations.

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