Sauces are a popular way to spice up dishes all over the word. They enhance the flavor of the dish, giving it this special final touch. They are also very common in Polish cuisine, which is why we have prepared them for you in a gluten free version. Our offer includes a wide range of quick and easy to prepare sauces that make gluten free cooking even more enjoyable.

Gravy –delicious, savory, indispensable in every kitchen. Perfect with meat served with: Silesian dumplings, potato dumplings, pasta, potatoes, groats. Whereas a bit more intense, gluten free mushroom sauce,goes well with various meat and vegetarian dishes. It is delicious with pork tenderloin and potato pancakes. Our offer also includes gluten free tomato sauce – extremely universal. Tomatoes are a source of potassium, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, they also contain lycopene, which is healthy for humans, so it is worth using them often in your kitchen. Tomato sauce can be used, for example, for pasta, casseroles or lasagne. While gluten free goulash sauce it goes well with Hungarian potato pancakes, and is perfect to enhance the taste and aroma of meat.

As you can see, with our gluten free sauces you will never lack ideas for delicious dinners, and moreover they are so easy to prepare. All you have to do is put the content of the bag into a cup, pour over with boiling water, stirr thoroughly and you can enjoy the unique taste of our sauces.

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