Breakfast products and cereal

Breakfast provides energy for the whole morning, which is why it should be healthy and nutritious. We usually do not have enough time to prepare it the way it should be, ao we choose the least time-consuming dishes. These are usually cereals with milk or porridge. Most breakfast cereals offered on the market contain gluten or are at risk of being contaminated with it. Our offer, however, includes 100% checked and gluten-free breakfast products. With them you can spice up your morning food, and have a delicious and tasty start of the day.

Gluten free cereal and muesli

Tasty, nutritious andquick to preparegluten free breakfast jboth for kids and adults. For kids we have a variety offlavored gluten free cereal. We will make your morning sweet with our honey rings, or with cocoa balls, if you are a chocolate lover. For those who like cereals stuffed with sweet surprise, we have cocoa pods with hazelnut filling. For adults, we have also created delicious and quick to preparegluten free cruchy muesli.While those who prefer fruity mornings can enjoy ourricevita, that is rice flakes. Available in two versions:

  1. Ricevita apple-cinnamon
  2. Ricevita strawberry-banana
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